Services and Rates

First Free Adjustment

First free adjustments are offered to LOCAL residents of Missoula County and surrounding areas.
If you are NOT a local resident, TOS (Time of Service) Rates apply.

Time of Service (TOS) Rates

  • First Appointment following free visit:

  • SINGLE COMPLAINT Does not include modalities such as heat, traction, blocks, etc.

  • FULL SPINE adjustment:


Payment collected PRIOR to treatment.

Insurance Policies

  • Your insurance will be checked PRIOR to your visit.

  • If you have NOT met your deductible, we will NOT bill your insurance. You will be required to pay the TOS rate and a receipt will be given to you if you would like to submit to your insurance.

CERTIFIED DOT Exam $100.00

Dr. Troy Doxey is registered with the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.  We have been performing DOT examinations for over 15 years.

$35 Single Region Adjustment

Chiropractic Works is offering a single region adjustment.  Woke up with a stiff neck that you want us to check?  A spot in your hips that just won’t quit?  That spot in your low back that keeps coming back?  Call and schedule an appointment today!

$50 Full Spine Adjustment

Dr. Troy Doxey specializes in adjusting the entire spine.  We have a multitude of techniques to adjust everyone from a Griz football player to a new born baby.  Full spine adjusting breaks adhesions in the entire spine allowing for proper function of the spine, nerves, muscles and organs.